Design: Critical and Primary Sources

Design: Critical and Primary Sources, Volume 4: Development, Globalization, Sustainability

by D. J. Huppatz

D.J. Huppatz is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Design at Swinburne University, Australia. He has also taught at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He has published widely in edited books and journals. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2016
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    978-1-4725-3099-8 (hardback)

    978-1-4725-3936-6 (set)

    978-1-4742-8288-8 (online)
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    First edition
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Design: Critical and Primary Sources
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Design: Critical and Primary Sources brings together 100 essential texts on design from the mid 19th century to the present day, covering key thinkers, movements and issues for design. The four volumes focus on:

1) Design Reform, Modernism and Modernization

2) Professional Practice and Design Theories

3) Social Interactions

4) Development, Globalization and Sustainability

Each volume features an editorial introduction and articles are grouped into thematic sections within the volume.