Introducing a new digital hub: Bloomsbury Visual Arts

Bloomsbury Design Library will soon be part of a new digital interdisciplinary hub designed for research and learning across design, art, architecture and related fields.

Bloomsbury Visual Arts will launch in March 2023 and will bring together our leading visual arts resources into one richly-layered and cross-searchable platform for ease of discovery, navigation, and course delivery. It will comprise the following resources on launch:
Bloomsbury Design Library
Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts
Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism
*NEW* Bloomsbury Art Markets

We will email you with regular updates ahead of the launch, explaining what you need to know and any action you may need to take in advance. Please sign up here for key updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

For users and administrators of Bloomsbury Design Library.

What will happen to our access to Bloomsbury Design Library? Will redirects be set up?

If your institution has purchased or subscribed to Bloomsbury Design Library, you will still have access to that content – the new home for this resource will now be bloomsburyvisualarts.com.

In order to support customers who have bookmarked the current URLs, for example in library catalogue systems or in reading lists, as well as search engines and discovery and indexing databases, we have set up URL redirects for all pages.

This will mean that links to content pages and also links to Research and Learning resources redirect to the corresponding page on the new Bloomsbury Visual Arts site.

Please note the redirects will live in our platforms indefinitely. DOIs will continue to point to the new platform too. This means that if you are using our MARC records (which include DOI URLs), you need not be concerned about the URLs. If you are using your own MARC records or are bookmarking pages using the OLD platform URLs, you are covered by the redirects.

Will there be any changes to usage statistics (COUNTER reports)?

When Bloomsbury Design Library becomes part of the main Bloomsbury Visual Arts hub, it will no longer have its own URL/domain for COUNTER purposes. It will instead be a database within Bloomsbury Visual Arts on the COUNTER 5 Database reports in future.

All Bloomsbury Design Library COUNTER usage in future will come via the Bloomsbury Visual Arts COUNTER API key and any COUNTER 5 usage prior to the migration will be available under a separate Bloomsbury Design Library site entry.

Are institutions able to renew their subscription to Bloomsbury Design Library?

Yes, Bloomsbury Design Library customers will still be available to purchase via subscription or perpetual access basis after it has migrated to the main Bloomsbury Visual Arts hub.

What will happen to our personal accounts?

Users will still be able to log into their personal accounts on Bloomsbury Visual Arts.

Saved content items in personal accounts will not be retained when Bloomsbury Design Library moves over to Bloomsbury Visual Arts – other than if those links were previously saved as bookmarks in their browser.

Saved search items will not be retained when Bloomsbury Design Library moves over to Bloomsbury Visual Arts. Search results will be different on the new platform, as users will be able to see search results from multiple products if they would like.

If you have any questions about the new site, please get in touch with your local representative:
Americas: OnlineSalesUS@Bloomsbury.com
UK and Rest of World: OnlineSalesUK@Bloomsbury.com
Australia and New Zealand: OnlineSalesANZ@Bloomsbury.com