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  • United Arab Emirates
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The Palm Islands, Dubai, UAE

Iconic Designs : 50 Stories about 50 Things

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2014

Book Chapter

...Palm Jumeirah (right) and Palm Jebel Ali (left), Dubai, as captured by NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite in October 2006 NASA Visible Earth http.// /.Nothing seems more unnatural...

Between the Global and National Self: The Abaya and Asian Transnational Design

Encyclopedia of Asian Design Volume 4 : Transnational and Global Issues in Asian Design

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Encyclopedia Chapter

...Globalization compresses the world and presents it as one global space. In this imaginary borderless place, exposure to different cultural phenomena results in the coexistence of localized identities, practices, and experiences. The process...

Applying Oral Sources: Design Historian, Practitioner And Participant

Writing Design : Words and Objects

Bloomsbury Academic, 2012

Book Chapter

...Words, written and spoken, are an integral part of design research and practice. Images, illustrations, designed forms and spaces need to be placed in a contextual framework in order to communicate a message and impart meaning. Design...