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Kitsch, Enchantment and Power

Love Objects : Emotion, Design and Material Culture

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book Chapter


... Vincentian Church, Sunday’s Well, Cork, 2009. Photograph by Ann Wilson. Unknown maker, Lourdes grotto, detail, 1918, Church of St John the Baptist, Cashel, Co....
... a participatory approach, sharing decisions and evaluations. Perhaps the designers are not the only moral custodians shaping the process and outcome. Whose version of ethics pertains? Our idea of design facilitation is well documented (in Light et...

Lewis Mumford’s Lever House: Writing A ‘House of Glass’

Writing Design : Words and Objects

Bloomsbury Academic, 2012

Book Chapter


... House appears in the list of such examples. Ibid. Other characteristics of these buildings include attention to occupants’ comfort, especially in the provision of light and air; means of moving people and goods through...