Practice-based Design Research

Practice-based Design Research

by Laurene Vaughan

Laurene Vaughan is Professor of Design and Communication at RMIT University. She is Deputy Dean Design, Games and Interaction in the School of Media and Communication. Her recent projects include The Stony Rises Project a curatorial exploration of vernacular practicepractices, immigration, modes of dwelling and the crafting of landscape in the making of place. This included an associated book Designing Place (Melbourne Books 2010). In 2010 she undertook laureneroaming.com. With Sebastien Cacquard and William Cartwright co-edited Mapping Environmental Issues in the City (Springer 2011). She has also co-edited Design Collectives: an approach to practice (Cambridge Press 2012), with Harriet Edquist. She is currently co-editing Performing the Archive (Ashgate 2015) with David Carlin. She has supervised over 40 practice based Masters and PhD students over the past 12 years. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
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Practice-based Design Research
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Practice-based Design Research provides a companion to masters and PhD programs in design research through practice. The contributors address a range of models and approaches to practice-based research, consider relationships between industry and academia, researchers and designers, discuss initiatives to support students and faculty during the research process, and explore how students’ experiences of undertaking practice-based research has impacted their future design and research practice. The text is illustrated throughout with case study examples by authors who have set up, taught or undertaken practice-based design research, in a range of national and institutional contexts.