Founded in 1993 by design historian Renny Ramakers and designer Gijs Bakker, and epitomized what was known as Dutch Design, Droog is not a design group, but rather a selection of objects, curated by Bakker and Ramakers, and then publicized under a single brand. Its first exhibition in 1993 reflected a change of direction in the international design arena from decorative postmodernism toward a more austere style. This exhibition took place in February at the Paradiso rock music venue in Amsterdam, to move in April to the International Furniture Fair in Milan. It displayed iconic designs such as Tejo Remy’s Rag chair, milk bottle lamp, and his cabinet composed of an accumulation of drawers. Other participants were Jurgen Bey, Eibert Draisma, Piet Hein Eek, Jan Konings, and Gijs Bakker himself. In this early period, the reuse of ordinary objects and a straightforward use of materials became the group’s common denominator. Droog’s works were soon acquired by museums like the New York Museum of Modern Art, and when possible, entered into production at manufacturer DMD.

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