Ettore Jr. Sottsass

Austrian-born architect, painter, theorist, and designer, active in Italy, Ettore was the son of the architect Ettore Sottsass Sr. Trained as an architect (1939) at Turin’s Polytechnic, Sottsass developed throughout his career parallel artistic and cultural interests and activities, first joining the Movement for Concrete Art (MAC) in 1948, just one year after the inception of his private practice, and subsequently developing close relationships with artistic and literary avant-gardes, including the leading writers of the Beat Generation that he met through his partner, the writer Fernanda Pivano. He nurtured his diverse interests through many trips around the world, developing from the inception of his career as a designer a new conception of the domestic object as powerfully symbolic and charged with chromatic and poetic content. In the 1950s, he started working both as an architect and a designer, and was employed by far-sighted producers who acknowledged the importance of innovative design.

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