Guiding users through the wealth of content available on Bloomsbury Design Library our exclusive and specially-commissioned research and learning tools are designed with teachers, students, and researchers in mind.


Providing inspiration to bolster courses, lesson plans help to promote the efficiency of teaching and learning using the vast array of material that is available on Bloomsbury Design Library. With links to additional reading, discussion topics, and homework assignments, the following plans can also be seen as navigational tools for assisting users to make the most out of the variety of content available on the site.

Topics include:


Thematic bibliographic guides provide an introductory overview of core readings to a particular topic. Theoretical interpretations and their application in design are explained, with Bloomsbury Design Library material linked for quick access to content.

Topics include


Our goal is to provide solutions to support digital learning, teaching, and research across a variety of disciplines.  Subject Guides provide instructors, students, and librarians with a simple shortcut to help them find the material they need instantly across a number of topics.  Links can easily be added to a course syllabus or reading list.  These gateways for discovery are a way to deepen the research experience with our resources.


We will be adding new lesson plans and bibliographic guides each year. If you would like to write or request a new lesson plan or bibliographic guide, please contact bloomsburydesignlibrary@bloomsbury.com.