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Design, Environment and Social Quality: From Existenzminimum to “Quality Maximum”

The Designed World : Images, Objects, Environments

Berg, 2010

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...The environmental issue has a lengthy history. In almost thirty years it has progressed from the agitated argumentation of a few scientists and environmentally conscious groups to become a theme which permeates the entire society...
...This collaborative research is presented in two parts, ‘Territorial Design’ by Ezio Manzini and ‘Feeding Milano’ by Anna Meroni. Territorial Design Skills and Abilities The topic of this chapter is social community...

Collaborative Organisations and Enabling Solutions

Design: Critical and Primary Sources Volume 4 : Development, Globalization, Sustainability

Bloomsbury Academic, 2016

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... innovation is more or less equivalent to talking about design research for social innovation. Note Source: ‘Collaborative Organisations and Enabling Solutions: Social Innovation and Design for Sustainability’, Ezio Manzini...