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Designing Hierarchy

Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler

Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler is an Assistant Professor of Design History at Purdue University, USA. Jennifer earned her PhD in Design Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her MA in the history of design from the Royal College of Art / Victoria & Albert Museum. She has published articles in Design and Culture journal. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Open Plan : A Design History of the American Office

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2021

Book Chapter


... the entrenched systems of discrimination of the time. In the postwar period, the imaginary worker at the center of the corporate office was the so-called organization man. Coined by William Whyte, the term referred to a typical White male...

Challenges of Design Management in Construction

The Handbook of Design Management

Bloomsbury Academic, 2011

Book Chapter


... infrastructure for the delivery of project work (Whyte and Levitt 2011). As implied in the right-hand diagram of Figure 13.1, contracts are now available that facilitate official design assistance from several other parties, and procurement...