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Dissent by Design: Anti-Olympic Action in East Asia

Encyclopedia of Asian Design Volume 4 : Transnational and Global Issues in Asian Design

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Encyclopedia Article


... Charles Tilly . European Revolutions, 1492–1992. Oxford, UK, and Cambridge, MA : Blackwell, 1993. Jilly Traganou Designing the Olympics: Representation, Participation, Contestation. New...
... For a discussion on a wide range of criticism of Olympic design in relation to the Athens 2004 Olympics, see Jilly Traganou , “Mobile Architects,...

The London Eye, UK: (Marks Barfield Architects, 1999)

Iconic Designs : 50 Stories about 50 Things

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2014



...Passenger’s view of the London Eye (Marks Barfield Architects, completed March 2000) seen from below, 3 May 2009. Photograph by Grace Lees-Maffei. The London Eye was erected in 1999 as a temporary kinetic monument to the new...