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Housing the New Dandy: Designing Lifestyle in Monsieur Magazine, 1920–1924

Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015



... taste and proposed to establish, what I have identified and labeled elsewhere, the New Dandy (Potvin 2009). He was a decidedly queer figure fascinated with all things elegant and sophisticated whose contours, in the aftermath of war, were...

A Queer Feeling and Its Future in/for Design History

Design, History and Time : New Temporalities in a Digital Age

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019



... made explicit his desire for all his letters, diaries and sketches to be destroyed following his death.See John Potvin, Bachelors of a Different Sort: Queer Aesthetics, Material Culture and the Modern Interior in Britain (Manchester and New...

‘Stay with Armani’: Giorgio Armani and the pursuit of continuity, stability and legacy

Performance, Fashion and The Modern Interior : From the Victorians to Today

Berg, 2011



... Photograph: John Potvin. Giorgio Armani, London boutique, window display S/S 2007. Photograph: John Potvin. The Armani/Casa line has been labelled by one critic as a sort of ‘proto-modernism as nostalgia…a world of space,...

Guilty by Design/Guilty by Desire: Queering Bourgeois Domesticity

The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013



... for example, Neil Bartlett, Who Was that Man? A Present for Mr. Oscar Wilde (London: Serpent’s Tail, 1988); Matt Cook, London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885–1914 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003); John Potvin, “Vapour...