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... dreamed of doing. Daily I am reminded how my PhD set me on this trajectory. By the end of my PhD I had tactical moves for amplifying the back-talk of my practice to make known the tacit understandings of an experiential practice. Turns out...

Manufactured Identities: Ceramics and the Making of (Made in) Italy

Made in Italy : Rethinking a Century of Italian Design

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014



... of what became known as Italian design. This chapter is developed from parts of my PhD dissertation, Lisa Hockemeyer, ‘Italian Ceramics 1945–1958: A Synthesis of Avant-Garde Ideals, Craft Traditions and Popular Culture’ (Kingston University,...
... retells her trip to India ‘that opened her eyes to a tragedy occurring daily to women and girls throughout the country. She could hardly believe what she witnessed in India’s Red Light Districts – modern day slavery’ (‘Our Story’). Her...