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Spatial Experience within the “Colonial Bungalow,” the “Tropical Modern,” and “Critical Vernacular” House in South Asia, 1880–1980

Flow : Interior, landscape and architecture in the era of liquid modernity

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018

Book Chapter


... (4): 32–44. T. Jazeel (2006), “Bawa and Beyond: Reading Sri Lanka’s Tropical Modern Architecture,” South Asia Journal for Culture, 1 (1): 1–22. R. D. Jones (2007), Interiors of Empire: Objects, Space and Identity within the Indian...
... These expeditions across the borders of the US are themselves a form of plundering. In ‘wearing red,’ Susanna Jones fulfills a fantasy of pleasure, evident in Run-D.M.C.’s ‘My Adidas’ (1985), which continues to resonate with hiphop stylists...